Of Barghests and Quests

Overdue at the Library

The Naive dropped off his smuggled shipment of ‘Red Milk’ and was rewarded with a princely sum of two gold, well worth the consternation of getting through the gate. He shared this with Korath; those two have really hit it off. Apparently they only met shortly before I ran into the group.

Seeking refuge and refreshment, our bold band head to the Dancing Unicorn Inn. The Bold attempts to secure us free bed and board, only to realise that he was previously barred from the venue after setting light to a mouse head on the wall. As the establishment was under new management, this did not prove to be too much of an issue, however his attempts to gain the favour of the new barkeep failed when he could not remember her name (it was Chainor), having met her on his last visit, when she was a lowly waitress. The Snowflake decides to burgle his way into getting a free room, leaving Stephen, the dead Merrow in an alley.

After lunch, we head for the Grand Library, but are accosted on the way by a very rude beggar. The Snowflake steals 20 CP from him but gives it back (via Korath as he refused to take money from the Snowflake). The beggar is obviously mentally unstable, as he also turns down an offer of one gold given to him by the Naive because “he threw it at him”.

In the Grand Library we meet Jennifer, the Loremaster. I explain the accident that caused my teleportation, which also caused a fire affecting the top three floors of the tower. She is concerned that it may be a malicious action against the order, or even against me personally, but I do not think that I have ever caused anyone enough bother to be concerned about me. We also give her the black page that we found so that she can examine it. The Lost has an addition goal of finding certain materials for a tracking ritual, which Jennifer agrees to provide. Lastly, she tells us of a hag occupying the nearby forest, so we make plans to investigate.

After resting, we head off at night (yes night, the Bold seemed to think it was better this way. Perhaps he should be re-named “The Foolhardy”). With Adriel taking the lead, we get a bit lost. We then encounter 18(!) giant spiders and combat begins…



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