Of Barghests and Quests

Hag in the Bag

Our encounter with the spiders ended with us once again tasting victory (although The Naive must think victory tastes pretty bad, given that he was biting large chunks of spider while in bear form). The Bold succumbed to a poisonous spider bite and was rendered paralysed, but soon recovered after the remainder of the spiders took flight in the face of our overwhelming opposition.

Amongst the loot was a magnificent silver longsword which The Bold informed us was once the blade of a famous warrior queen.

We pressed on in search of the hag, The Bold scouting ahead with a plan of using a bird call when he found anything. He happened across what he thought was a beautiful elven lady and took up her invitation to join her in her hut, mesmerised by her beauty. No bird call came.

After a while, with no word from The Bold, the rest of the party sneaked up to the clearing containing the hut. The Naive stealthily sneaked a peak in the window, and saw a night hag draining The Bold’s dreams. On hearing The Naive’s danger call, Korath burst forth, charging through the wall of the hut, followed by me (Felix) casting a Hold Person spell, which succeeds. We try tying the hag up, only to find that she can turn ethereal. When she returns to the material plane, combat ensued. We were doing well and had given up on the idea of capturing her alive, when the Bold cast ‘Suggestion’, encouraging her to follow us to the city. She succumbed and we ran back to Lyssa with Korath carrying her in a sack.

The hag was taken to the Tower of Tomas, where we were received by the floating skull of Sir Edgar III. We had a few japes at his expense, with The Bold casting an illusionary body for him. Our bounty for the hag was 500 gp per person.



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