Of Barghests and Quests

The witch goddess of the dreadwood

A tale of me.

As the spider venom overcame me i fell back, hard, against the sl dirt and leaves of the forest.

My eyes unable to close; I had no choice but to stare straight up and watch glimpses of fire and a flurry of fur and spear flutter above me. It was not long before the remaining spiders retreated back to the treetops.

My Companions crowded me for a moment and then to my eyes they were gone, their voices never travelled far so I believe they stayed by my side and awaited my revival (such faith did they have in my emense fortitude and the steely resolve of a warrior to negate the certain ravages of death)

I will admit that in my time lying there I did start to wonder if I had died. Maybe that is how it feels before ones spirit meets the great deities. Should that be true I wonder how long that might last. And now have great sympathy for the interred… mayhap the simple undead derive their aggressive actions from such torment.

Time seemed to run much slower whilst I lay there. So many thoughts danced through my mind. I thought on the nature of power, on the state of my being, on the world and my place in it… truly time seemed to stretch for eons before the warmth of movement returned to my limbs but I felt strangely invigorated upon my revival.

What followed was by all accounts a daring and cunning plan where I did throw my life into peril to ensure the safety of my comrades and although convincing as my performance was it seemed I was caught slightly unaware by the guile of my foe (atribute this to the dulling of the senses from my aching loins)

I shall spare the heroic detail of my acts as I am sure they will be told in song and campfire fable for many years to come however I will say that some time into the battle with the dreaded night witch I found a unique opportunity.

I stood in the centre of battle my lips readied and my fingers corressed my lute when all upon a sudden I realised… my power to assail the mind of my foes with gibberish, the same power that had caused many a foe to turn tail and flee and which racked them with physical pain from the confusion. … This was a mere larval form of what I could do ..

Instead of letting loose a torrent of inane drivel I focused all of my attentions and delayed the full frontal brutal attack of the mind to instead relay a command. A simple idea or notion. I will grant you I have no real power to crush a beings entire will but by angling this to make it seem like an idea… by coercing them and planting a powerful seed into the center of the mind…

I allowed my hubris free reign and told the queen of witches that she should follow us peacefully… I winced and then stared up in time to see her scowl relax and watched in raptured disbelief as she slowly walked the couple of steps to me… I could feel my insidious seed bore deeper and gain control of the night witch Queens mind…

To feel my ability grow to this level… mayhap’s my quiet meditative time amongst the trees has proven for the best.



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