Of Barghests and Quests

Side effects

Seldinor warned me that teleportation enchantment would be too difficult, but I think this was a little more than even he expected.

It was at least partially successful, I teleported after all. Okay, so it was not anywhere near where I was intending to go, and setting myself alight was not what I had in mind.

It was great fortune that landed me in front of a kind High-Elf Druid who extinguished me, despite having to deal with a vampire spawn and skeletons. The scene before me at this time was a strange one; as well as the High-Elf, I was greeted by the sight of a naked Halfling with an arrow sticking out of his posterior, a Goliath, grappling on the floor with the aforementioned vampire spawn, a Half-Elven fighter, who showed some impressive skill with a dagger, and a Gnome Bard, who must have noticed the confused expression on my charred face, and spurred me to action.

We dispatched the vile undead creatures and in a secret compartment I found some spectacles (which I later found out allowed the user to see into the shadow plane), and a spell book in a language that I do no know.

The naked Halfling, it turns out had lost his armour in the battle. He replaced this by looting attire from the former inhabitant, a human female. It was a strange sight, but who am I to judge.

My new companions filled me in on the circumstances; the vampire spawn that we defeated was the mayor of Alara, the town that we were now in. They are all members of ‘The Lost’ and on their way to Lysa (by happy coincidence), and invited me to join the on their journey.

We took a small barge and were making good progress, when we were ambushed by three Merrow…



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