Of Barghests and Quests


As Vaspar begins the descent down the stairs he turns over the days events in his mind

“It has been a weird one, the missing short orc, Sarcastic being sent off… The new guy”

another step, a cold wind assails Vaspar and sends a chill down his spine

“it’s so much easier acting brave when you have an audience, and oh boy what a show!”


“Still the giant fellow must applaud my brass, his will be testimony to my amazing feats, not only to have just met such a cunning mind but to also possess bravery paralleling any berzerking ruffian…”


“Though if i do not return; who will tell of my story? … I suppose in a strange way the report to the commander will be a story… or perhaps Naive will tell of my magnificence… he could even tell the sheep” a slight smile curves the edges of his gnomish lips


“The mind… no he is not one for telling stories… Snowflake? well her effect on culture has not yet been positive”

With the next step Vaspar slows considerably, noticing he is not far from the bottom of the staircase, the nerves now making his thoughts more sporadic

“This is not going to end here, i just have to be down here until the others come, as long as they think i am fighting down here that should be enough, hells maybe i don’t know how to wake a vampire … or maybe … maybe”

Stops on current step

“Vampires… the tale of bertrum? they stabbed it with a steak… the others sharpened wood… why did i not sharpen wood? stupid sheep… the ballad of cassidy.. oh, no that one didn’t end well… The adventure of nibbles … damn i am not a rat…”

Vaspar holds his breath as he takes the next step, the final few steps now come into view

“well here goes, the next chapter in the amazing adventures of Vaspar the…” Gulp "brave… "

from here thoughts escape Vaspar as panic grips him he enters the room beyond the bottom of the stairs. His right hand holds shakily onto the handle of his rapier, his left clutches the first thing in his pocket, a fist-full of paper.



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