Of Barghests and Quests

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Bad things that possibly could not happen
A whole lot of nothing

Woke up early again this morning, its becoming progressively more difficult to sleep at this camp, I hope we get stationed somewhere else soon. Waking early at least gives me plenty of time to pray and reflect in relative quite. Once the rest of the camp began to spring to life, and focusing on Mielikki became too difficult, I joined everyone for breakfast.

We are going on patrol again today, and investigating rumours of hauntings near the settlement of Eleanor. It is a fair trek, and we are to travel on foot again. I shan’t be surprised if it is evening by the time we arrive. Maybe something interesting will happen on our journey there.

Unsurprising we arrived late. I haven’t been to Eleanor before, but it is like so many other human villages I have been to recently. I would not be surprised if there are no guardsman in town, or sober ones at least, and although it looks like nobody in this town is well off, there are always people who want what little the others may have.

Darling and the rest of the band headed towards the tavern, presumably to secure rooms for the night and drink, and I slipped off through the streets, towards the market square. If anyone is doing anything in this place, I will be able to hear it from here, and at least see anyone passing by.

There is a squalid looking man, stumbling around with flowers in his hand, this could be interesting.

After watching him lurk around the empty stalls for a while, I followed him through the streets. He made his way to a home of a young woman, and harassed her at her window for some time, before she retreated back inside, at which time he noticed me so I ran away a few blocks.

Not letting this one out of my sight, he seems like a threat to that woman. I will wait a moment and go back on his tail.

I returned to the house, where he was still yelling at the window. He did this for some time, before giving up and leaving the trashy flowers at her doorstep, which I promptly took for myself. I followed him, until it was clear he was heading for the tavern, and if he was to cause trouble there, my band-mates shall be able to handle him. I returned back to the square.

Nothing happening, all I can hear is noise from the tavern, and anyone I see are merely heading home. Not what I was hoping for, but good all the same. Going to call it a night and find a nice building to rest on.

A cautionary tale
Raw wolf on the floor

‘’A lute strums gently as the gnome begins to sing in a soft voice!’

I once tried to eat a piece of wolf raw

‘’Chord plays’’

Later that night not a time did I snore


I was made late and missed glory for sure

‘’Hangs on to note in obvious sorrow’’


Then out came my wolf and fell to the floor


A cautionary tale so you are not left sore


Do not try yourselves, oh this I emplore !!

‘’Slowly sits down his vain effort at regaining dignity spent and still thoroughly hungry/queasy’’

God wine

As Kerrin lay upon his bed with his sleeping friends and one strange scantily clad human male he thought how odd some gods are when it come to their wine….

The Darling, a strong and most important captain ever despite her refusal of good beer, took everyone else’s advice to go into the wild to look for bad things instead of going to Lyssa, Lyssa! Oh the missed sounds, smells and new things that they could have seen! Oh well they did some interesting things in the end he supposed.

After a long boring walk they came upon a human village called…erlan…ema…Eleanor! Which despite is love of dull muddy things had a church an old one too! Well naturally Kerrin was going to the church and even better his new friend The Sarcastic came along too, he’d love exploring church as well being a follower of…erm…hmmm..one of the nice gods.

Upon entering they sadly found the church to be empty and badly kept, all the shiny colourful glass was broken and statues cracked but eventually after some careful looking they found a trapdoor. Now sure it can be said that breaking the lock with the brick was bad thing but no one was using the church obviously and Kerrin did apologise to Mishkal.

Going down into the cellar Kerrin saw a some wonderful sight, holy wine, the stuff those fancy priest drink! After a quick look at the labels Kerrin found the best bottle and, trading it of course for a gold piece, took the wine and giggled at the idea of sharing it with the group.

A bit further one Sarcastic found a door to another room locked with no window. Sarcastic must be part Halfling as well as he couldn’t resist his curiosity and broke the down, Kerrin being proper however did apologise to Mishkal and even helped put the door back up after finding nothing but dead bodies that had been left out….weird humans…

Now here was the part that Kerrin couldn’t wrap his mind around, Mishkal the Statue jumped out and attacked him and Sarcastic as they were leaving despite apologising and paying for the gold! well sure he hadn’t paid for the broken lock but Kerrin would’ve been happy to pay for another.

Sigh As it was Mishkal attacked and would probably killed them if Kerrin and Sarcastic weren’t the best trained Pups in the group, including all the others of course. After a few near misses with those claws Kerrin done the right thing be shouting what the Mind had told…though now to think of it Mind did say it in an irritated way…anyway…

Kerrin shouted “BAD THING” and like a flash his friends came to his aid, but next time Kerrin maybe it would be best it Kerrin stayed with the group as Sarcastic clearly doesn’t like shouting in churches and is quick to use fire…

Anyway with his friends help they won the day and Mishkal was taught a lesson though she didn’t like Mind thinking at her…maybe that’s because she knew about those naked young ladies he was talking to in the last town…Oh well Sarcastic healed Mind up lickity split and Darling even said how good they did!

As Kerrin’s eyes began close and sleep over take him he smiled at Darling words of praise but felt a pang of unease as before drifting off a pale face of some human came to mind…a face that seemed so real and was staring at him..

Our Adventure Begins

Yesterday we met our troupe leader ‘The Darling’ and she told us of what our mission shall be and we set of on a patrol to look for paranormal activity in a nearby place.

On our journey, we ended up in a small town and ‘The Darling left off to book our food and drink. We split up, into three groups to go to different places. Some of us went to the tavern, some went to the church and one of us went to the market. I and three others went to the tavern where I managed to pickpocket a farmer and steal a piece of lint and a key, but when I tried to pickpocket someone else he had a pocket dimension in his pocket and a evil centipede bit me. From what I saw for some reason ’The Bold’ was eating a raw piece of wolf, which definitely did not go well. Suddenly, we heard the screech of ‘The Naive’ shouting ‘bad thing, bad thing’, so as fast as we could we ran over to aid them. Well we did, but our fighter decided to just carry on with her nap. When we got there we saw a stone gargoyle that had tripped over and a fireball that had come from the Clerics finger skim over its head. Quickly, I drew out my shortsword and charged at it took a swing, but when I tried to attack it with my fist I was startled by its size, so I missed. At one point the gargoyle landed on ‘The Mind’ and ripped his flesh apart, luckily he did not die and the cleric went over and healed him. Our troupe leader came along just after we defeated the foul beast and praised us for our good combat skills.

Those Damn Alcoholics
Wine more wine

Morning Darling

Shopping or Adventuring, well what a choice if you liked shopping that is. Actually only one of us wanted to go shopping which was only for more alcohol. Those Damn alcoholics.

So Adventuring it was, well I say adventuring more of a days traipsing through the wilderness where nothing exciting happened, at least not yet.

The Delights of Eleanor

What a run down place, nothing but a few old buildings, a Tavern(ish) and an interesting looking old church.

We separate, some go off the tavern, The Snowflake our Fighter wanders off to the Market. (The Market, it’s closed!!) Though looking at the state of this place I doubt we will need that aid of a fighter.

So Myself and the Alco (or The Naive as he likes to be called) head over to the church.

Well this is exciting, nothing here……..not a bean…….only some statues…….and a trapdoor…..oh a trapdoor now then what is this. Of course the little halfling couldn’t open it, too week from all the booze.

I open the trapdoor with ease, smashing the lock to pieces. Looking down i can see a small passage way, We both descend.

Oh no, no no no no no. Not more alcohol, he must have had a nose for it. Wine as far as the eye could see. Of course he has to take one, leaving a token gesture.

Another door, older rickety not much resistance is given, it literally falls off the hinges.

I see dead people, everywhere. Ok they are really dead an old tomb. Nothing else of interest.

We head back up to the church…..something is amiss….. can’t quite put my finger on it…..a statue missing…..moved??

“Bad Things” I heard him shout before the gargoyle descended in front of us, big stoned winged beast it was. I have never seen a halfling move so fast, perhaps he has some merit.

A fight ensues the two of us dishing out some damage, the beast not fairing so well missing because of our swiftness.

Oops missed, I’m sure The Naive won’t mind a little singe here or there. At last, backup, The Swift pies in punching (punching!!) the stone gargoyle, the Mind whispers some scary stuff, the beast doesn’t like that.

It rounds on him, slashing and tearing, The Mind doesn’t look good but manages a final burst of energy, wow that exploded it. Oh look “The Bold” walks….nay…staggers in looking the worse for wear, not sure what has gone on there.

Where is that fighter when we needed her. I am sure it must have been important, not some silly thing like following people.

Oh, Darling is pleased, for a female half-orc (I could tell she was a she….hairy armpits) she almost smiled.

What an exciting day after all………bed time

The stilling of "The Swift"
To a fallen hero *raises goblet*

Today was a day to remember, though the reasons behind this are plentiful they are not joyous. Already only mere weeks into our campaign a fellow pup has been lost to us, gather closer and share in this woeful account.

The day started well, after the grueling battle with the church beast the day before the team seemed in high spirits, we spilled out into the streets of Elinor and began about preparing for the journey to come, I myself took off to the market with a couple of others though my meal the night prior still played heavily on me. I found no sign of reprieve in the form of an apothecary or healer and with the vegetables on sale here turning my stomach queasy I decided to forego perusing the wares from a book peddler and took a swift exit from the marketplace and awaited the others just inside the village proper

The others soon gathered and we disembarked, luckily the fresh air and moderate exercise seems to have done wonders for my constitution, alleviating me of most of my ills (the accrued wisdom of all ages past reminding me now of why we heat raw meat, this is not knowledge to cast aside again soon!)

We marched for some time with Darling taking the lead, after what seemed like an age we came upon a woman in the road, eager to read our fortunes for crossing her palm with coin. I was enraptured as she began telling me of the epic tale I was to one day impart, seemingly my dream will come to fruition, though this came with what I consider a warning when the crone added this will come to pass after the crossing of a river of blood (i can but only assume poor Swift has been the first to add to this growing fluid mass) I decided to play jovial and asked if this was to be a material river, not the strangest thing to be spun in to a tale by any stretch of the imagination, though from the response I surmise this was as initially suspected a metaphor for the many lives and injuries that I will encounter, like i mentioned, this is to be a woeful and macabre tale today.

We marched further onward and passed a graveyard, I kept up pace with the front of our group now and strummed playfully on my lute softly and slowly adding to the air of unease, all stories have to have a backdrop and ours was to become ever the grander for my performance, or so i thought now i have only to wonder if my whimsical antics are what caused Darling to abscond from the intense struggle to come.

We approached the fort we had been sent to investigate and despite the welcoming message written on the door I could see the suitability for this location in a campfire ghost story. More lighthearted foolery saw the naive visibly shaken (with one of my more mischievous spells) and after this we ventured inside.

I caught sight of a suit of armor adorning the entrance hall just as it lashed out and wrapped it’s hands around the fragile halfling neck of The Swift, I shouted cursing the creature but this did very little to stop the onslaught and before I knew it we were set upon by a great band of these foes.

Things here become very hazy, I charged the armor holding my friend captive and attempted to release his throat with my rapier, though this came to no avail as my swing was met by nothing but air! the poor halfling struggles as he was lifted at least a clear foot from the floor by the metal behemoth and set upon by it’s sword, now with a life of it’s own by their side.

I do not know much of what transpired with the others but soon my comrade was cast to the floor and I instinctively reached for my lute and let out a mighty strike, focusing all of my rage at the creature, how foolish this was as i looked around to the devastation i had caused, in my haste i had forgotten sound does not oft travel in a straight line to the front and i had caused a great calamity within my immediate distance, strewn about the place both allies and enemies pushed back against walls, bodies pushed along the floor, twas not a pretty sight and all at once it became apparent that only myself and the sarcastic were left able to fight…

There we stood, surrounded and outnumbered at least 5 to 1*[artistic licence]* what followed was nothing if not divine providence with the sarcastic beating a tactical retreat the surrounding enemies abated their assault and began to resume their positions at the walls with only a few left centered on me! I saw this as my chance and knowing of the healing prowess of the druidic orders i looked to aid the fallen naive and an utterance instinctively burst forth from my lips “POOPYPLIFF!”, just like that life was breathed into him once more and he had rejoined the fight, though this came at a price and i took a heavy blow to the shoulder from one of the enchanted swords.

From the door some words of healing caught my ear and as i quickly scanned the room i realised that though smallest in stature here stood the two bravest members of our force, with myself a proud third among them!

From here we managed to aid our wounded allies and all but the three of us had now managed a retreat out of the door, where it would seem the malevolent enchantments did not quite span. I must admit my next act was one of strategy and cowardice as i ran for the exit, with an enemy all but blocking my path i dodged blow after blow and burst forth once more into the light of day followed quickly by the hurried figure of the naive throwing ourselves out into the snow.

My last sight of The Swift with the divine spark of life not yet having left him came from the corner of my eye just before it was eclipsed by the blinding white of snow and sky, he had been standing there, heroic in pose and with the determination of 5 men holding off the hordes of enemies rushing upon our position to allow us the option of escape, it is truly with his blessing that we all now live! Though his efforts, foolhardy and brave, came at a price as we heard the dull crack of metal upon bone and turned to see in horror his limp, now inanimate body resting peacefully ever-defiant in the doorway.

I drink this night with The naive, despite my ailing stomach, in memory of such a fallen hero; truly you will be ever in our memories.

This was the first time in my life that I had raised the question, when does the price outweigh the story? Immortal now in story and song the swift has forever been stilled…

A grizzly end...

As I lay down to death I think of what events brought me here and then my mined skipped back a day to when this all began. We were on our way to the keep when we were approached by an old blind lady with a tin. She said does anybody need a fortune told. Somehow our Cleric new of her name and called out to her she approached us and one by one we gave her a gold pence to give us our fortune. Mine was that apparently my greediness were to be the end of me. Another day of travelling and we ended up outside the keep. We all decided to avoid the graveyards and we entered the keep. Inside it was dark, so we made those with magic summon a few flames and then we it was consumed in light straight away I saw the weapons in the suits of armour and I decided one of those was going to be mine. As soon as I took one out. They all sprang to life and then the mayhem struck. We were getting beaten up to hell and at one point we were flown backwards from a spell by the bard. The others left the room and it was only me left. They attacked me and I fell on the ground and took my last breath. The others rushed in and for some horrible reason it was only the druid who even cared about giving me a nice goodbye. It didn’t matter I was about to die. And then I realised the fortune teller was right. My greed had killed me. If I had never gone for that sword I would of… would of… urgh.

Game of Cards

Dear log,

The castle has given several gifts after taking our dear Swift from us. I have a new set of playing cards, they don’t have numbers but still…cards! The mind has this funny piece of black paper that must have been left by a murderer as it tells us we are going to die…killers are depressing. Sarcastic and I also got a hold of these lovely swords that are very pretty but I still prefer my quarterstaff.

Anyway log best be off I can hear this growling coming down the corridor, I wonder what kind of dogs they have here?

Keep - 2
The undead really are fascinating

Suppose i had best pen this before the brute awakes…

This is a vast keep. Much larger than i had assumed on first entering, and the number of secrets it keeps must be truly the work of master architects and brilliant minds.

everything here is a keeper of secrets in one way or another, every item a story in it’s own right. For instance after the initial incident we journeyed further in and what do we meet but a prisoner, an odd fellow with no real recollection of the time he had been there but a prisoner all the same. He is journeying with us for the time, must keep an eye on that one though. He holds an affinity for music and entertainment with which i can relate but with this it is ever present he may try to steal my stories for himself and that cannot be allowed, a good tale is a thing of beauty but a stolen tale is a tragedy.

How can you trust a soul that stands restrained (or so he claimed) near the most magnificently enchanted wall i have yet to see?
The wall itself was nothing short of a marvel! As soon as i set foot near it the stones themselves seemed to call to me, there was something hidden something amazing a tale to tell and the best kept secret in existence, through wit, cunning and guile (and a helping shove from a friend) my senses were regained and i realised this for what it was, a nefarious trap meant to keep searching bodies still until famine or thirst overcame them.
Though quite evil i tip my hat to the conjurer of such spells as it has a certain whimsy i can definitely relate to.

We pushed on further and came to a kennel of sorts, all manner of beasts housed within all lupine in form but with varying numbers of heads, some seemed poorly nourished and some appeared to have died of their neglect. However upon our entry a few of the deceased began to stir, i tried to trap one for further inspection but a crossbow bolt from snowflake quickly saw to it that no further study could be taken, that snowflake really has lost all semblance of guile since we entered and if i didn’t know better i would question her very sanity.

Still further we push on and enter a hallway above the entrance hall, this hall was filled with a great many rooms and yet i really entered very few, even my wanderlust was overwhelmed with the recent events. In the first room i have found the most exquisite pair of boots, though these do not fit i will keep these for now, i think i will surely find use for them along the road.

More illusions were afoot here and the plates themselves seemed manifest of some potent ability to make one gorge on air, this is likely similar to my experience with the wall and once again pangs of a familiar sense of trickery did play on my mind. Whoever or whatever this entity it i must pay due respect, i may have to use these traps in the future…

A ring was found by naive and once again taking leave of her senses the snowflake began defiling masterful artworks. A cry from sarcastic took us to a lower chamber where, despite my warnings, the mind decided to throw down with a large member of the eye tyrant species. It doesn’t take much of a brain to realise if it has more appendages than you maybe gathering intel would be wise.

Our small half orc friend (ex-prisoner) was the first to spring to action, he seems willing to jump into the fray though this is how i would gain the trust of others if need arose…

Suddenly, before my very eyes, naive transformed in a fit of rage and agony into the largest bear i have seen, yet with this transformation was heralded another strange twist in the tale of this keep, with the form bearing no real flesh and being quite undead, why is it no one else shares such fascination; a living breathing halfling ups and turns into a giant undead bear throwing it’s weight around with surprising effect and everyone blinks and carries on. I had to further inspect and it was no illusion, the bones were exposed and bore the hollow rattle that undeath commonly holds, the tongue of our friend was in tact (and clumsily injured by our transforming brethren- new shapes must take some getting used to) aside from this every aspect of this form was marred with decay and corruption.

The sarcastic did a surprisingly bold maneuver here and rushed forth digging hands into the eyeballs of the tyrant and melting it, this seems powerful magic and bore marks of mending in reverse, truly the clerical trained are terrifying creatures unto themselves.

To calm his nerves i played a little game of cards with naive (now back among the living as halfling form) and humorous though burning cards are they did not really prove to be very comforting to him. I was not allowed to see any of them asides the one i pulled which was quite rude of my comrade. If the cards were mine i see no reason i wouldn’t let my friends hold them…

I looked around this room a little and went back up to the previous room a short while later to hear the sounds of our friendly undead bear once more, this time in quite a commotion, knocking down walls and threatening to collapse the entire higher floors upon us.

Though i know well the undead and their necessity to sleep (or lack thereof) i decided to test his new form. Though it pained me to use it i drew out my flute and chimed a steady tune, which soothed the savage beast and down he fell into a slumber.

This was quite a shock, it would appear that despite the appearance and some semblance of undeath our friend is not in fact among them, he has his own will and can be spooked, he has enough of a constitution and mind to be affected by my music, thise really is an oddity and i would love to study further.

Oh dear i had best go now, he has awoken and it seems that counselling him has begun, though i am interested in what has spooked him so…


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