Of Barghests and Quests


It took a little longer than anticipated to dispatch the three merrow. Korath, our Goliath Champion, displayed great expertise with the harpoon, turning the creatures’ weapons against them and dragging two of them onto the barge. He killed the first of these, while ‘The Naive’ doubled-teamed with him on the other, smashing in its head with a devastating blow from his quarterstaff. Adrie had taken quite a bit of damage in the fight, after one of the merrow took exception to her using her thorn whip and short bow on him. My own efforts, concentrating a witch bolt on the third merrow, were rather pitiful. The Snowflake at one time in mortal danger, locked in combat underwater, managed to dispatch the last.

Resting after the fight, we encountered a mermaid. The merrow were escaped prisoners. She rewarded us with a bag of gems for slaying the beasts. The Snowflake decided to take one of the merrow corpses with us, naming him ‘Stephen’.

We proceeded down the river to Lysa. The banks of the forest were disturbed by a presence, but we pressed on towards the city. When we arrived, we discovered that these disturbing events were affecting many of the residents. This may be something worth investigating.

In order to help him cart around ‘Stephen’, The Snowflake purchased a wheelbarrow from a manure collector for a princely sum of 3gp. We were approached by a cloaked goblin, who offered money to smuggle in a bottle of ‘Red Milk’. I know that this stuff is contraband, but not what it actually is. The Naive accepted the offer, which the Snowflake took great exception to, more for the fact that it was a goblin who offered it.

[At this point, real time is 8:15]
We approached the gate, with The Naive shape changed into a dog in order to get the Red Milk past the guards, but The Snowflake informed on him, trying to get them to arrest The Naive. I spectacularly failed to convince the guard that he was a normal dog by casting a spell (which I pretended was Detect Magic), only convincing him that I was not a real wizard. Turning invisible pointed out his error. Having raised the guard’s suspicion so much, he was of a mind to detain everyone. The Naive ran away and shape changed into a mouse, sneaking in. The guard then got fed up with the whole situation and let us pass.
[At this point, real time is 9:00. 45 minutes to get past a gate that we had permission to enter.]



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