Of Barghests and Quests

The finger

Diary entry shakily entered

Well Diary his a fine how do you do….

I find this new shiny ring just laying around so I decide to pick it up and try it on, for style…little did I know that it was magic and made me look like a lady in mirrors!!!!….

I also uncovered that the bold has a strange desire to take my pretty picture cards…I’m all sharing but I found them and they are pretty….also I was told we were allowed our share of loot!

Later…uhh….later we found this creepy tentacle thing but luckily I have learned to channel my druid ability and take the form of a fuzzy bear…well I was told it’d be fuzzy…I was actually all dead and rotting! but we were swift enough to kill the thing before the smell stuck.

Then…then…then…well we came across the lady mirror and of course I was scared…i remember what the girl druid of my circle did to me….The Mind well he must have been upset or something because he tried to cut my finger off!!! the Bold tried helping him which may have been him trying to take my cards…

They said that I was going to be possessed and go full lady which sounded like it’d hurt so….I agreed to…the finger….cu…cho…..slic…takey off. It was quick maybe too quick because NOW I HAVE AN UPSIDE DOWN FINGER!!!!!

The Bold said it would be a good story but I am finding it hard….I sure hope we go to a city soon…this petrol isn’t as fun as I thought…



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