Of Barghests and Quests

Keep - 2

The undead really are fascinating

Suppose i had best pen this before the brute awakes…

This is a vast keep. Much larger than i had assumed on first entering, and the number of secrets it keeps must be truly the work of master architects and brilliant minds.

everything here is a keeper of secrets in one way or another, every item a story in it’s own right. For instance after the initial incident we journeyed further in and what do we meet but a prisoner, an odd fellow with no real recollection of the time he had been there but a prisoner all the same. He is journeying with us for the time, must keep an eye on that one though. He holds an affinity for music and entertainment with which i can relate but with this it is ever present he may try to steal my stories for himself and that cannot be allowed, a good tale is a thing of beauty but a stolen tale is a tragedy.

How can you trust a soul that stands restrained (or so he claimed) near the most magnificently enchanted wall i have yet to see?
The wall itself was nothing short of a marvel! As soon as i set foot near it the stones themselves seemed to call to me, there was something hidden something amazing a tale to tell and the best kept secret in existence, through wit, cunning and guile (and a helping shove from a friend) my senses were regained and i realised this for what it was, a nefarious trap meant to keep searching bodies still until famine or thirst overcame them.
Though quite evil i tip my hat to the conjurer of such spells as it has a certain whimsy i can definitely relate to.

We pushed on further and came to a kennel of sorts, all manner of beasts housed within all lupine in form but with varying numbers of heads, some seemed poorly nourished and some appeared to have died of their neglect. However upon our entry a few of the deceased began to stir, i tried to trap one for further inspection but a crossbow bolt from snowflake quickly saw to it that no further study could be taken, that snowflake really has lost all semblance of guile since we entered and if i didn’t know better i would question her very sanity.

Still further we push on and enter a hallway above the entrance hall, this hall was filled with a great many rooms and yet i really entered very few, even my wanderlust was overwhelmed with the recent events. In the first room i have found the most exquisite pair of boots, though these do not fit i will keep these for now, i think i will surely find use for them along the road.

More illusions were afoot here and the plates themselves seemed manifest of some potent ability to make one gorge on air, this is likely similar to my experience with the wall and once again pangs of a familiar sense of trickery did play on my mind. Whoever or whatever this entity it i must pay due respect, i may have to use these traps in the future…

A ring was found by naive and once again taking leave of her senses the snowflake began defiling masterful artworks. A cry from sarcastic took us to a lower chamber where, despite my warnings, the mind decided to throw down with a large member of the eye tyrant species. It doesn’t take much of a brain to realise if it has more appendages than you maybe gathering intel would be wise.

Our small half orc friend (ex-prisoner) was the first to spring to action, he seems willing to jump into the fray though this is how i would gain the trust of others if need arose…

Suddenly, before my very eyes, naive transformed in a fit of rage and agony into the largest bear i have seen, yet with this transformation was heralded another strange twist in the tale of this keep, with the form bearing no real flesh and being quite undead, why is it no one else shares such fascination; a living breathing halfling ups and turns into a giant undead bear throwing it’s weight around with surprising effect and everyone blinks and carries on. I had to further inspect and it was no illusion, the bones were exposed and bore the hollow rattle that undeath commonly holds, the tongue of our friend was in tact (and clumsily injured by our transforming brethren- new shapes must take some getting used to) aside from this every aspect of this form was marred with decay and corruption.

The sarcastic did a surprisingly bold maneuver here and rushed forth digging hands into the eyeballs of the tyrant and melting it, this seems powerful magic and bore marks of mending in reverse, truly the clerical trained are terrifying creatures unto themselves.

To calm his nerves i played a little game of cards with naive (now back among the living as halfling form) and humorous though burning cards are they did not really prove to be very comforting to him. I was not allowed to see any of them asides the one i pulled which was quite rude of my comrade. If the cards were mine i see no reason i wouldn’t let my friends hold them…

I looked around this room a little and went back up to the previous room a short while later to hear the sounds of our friendly undead bear once more, this time in quite a commotion, knocking down walls and threatening to collapse the entire higher floors upon us.

Though i know well the undead and their necessity to sleep (or lack thereof) i decided to test his new form. Though it pained me to use it i drew out my flute and chimed a steady tune, which soothed the savage beast and down he fell into a slumber.

This was quite a shock, it would appear that despite the appearance and some semblance of undeath our friend is not in fact among them, he has his own will and can be spooked, he has enough of a constitution and mind to be affected by my music, thise really is an oddity and i would love to study further.

Oh dear i had best go now, he has awoken and it seems that counselling him has begun, though i am interested in what has spooked him so…



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