Of Barghests and Quests

Keep - 3

Allies are dangerous things

So there we are, standing tall in a vast library of historic tomes, stories abound at the cast of every glance.

I go to look at a book on a table, snowflake runs it through with a dagger!
I go to look at another tome, yet again another dagger, i am beginning to think Snowflake has a problem with the arts (i had best watch my back).

No sooner had my last potential reading material been rendered unintelligible than we are assailed by the very books themselves cloaking themselves in protection of a ghastly set of bones. Perhaps should we have walked with quieter a step this might have been avoided, truly even in death librarians take the job to heart.

Let us not make this a spectators account hit by hit of the creature but summarise it by saying that the creature itself did me less harm than my own cohorts, though I admit this was by my good friend Naive and was also my own fault, he really does “bear” a grudge against the woman he perceived (also my visage did little to pacify the angered library i soon found after taking a hard backed version of the History of Old Haven to the face).
Still we triumph through the combined efforts of the group including our newest angry peculiar drum beating friend.

We probed further into the dank and sinister lofty heights of this keep only to emerge into a room of beauty, stars lined both the ceiling and floors, constellations looking so vibrant and visible my little Gnome heart was aflutter with joy… until the mind destroyed the telescope responsible for the projected imagery… surely he also has no eye for the beauties of this world.

A captive in the room held very little in the way of interest for me, being too unintelligible himself to recount his story in a meaningful coherent manner, and with far too much calamity about him to allow my probing of the matter.

With not a moment to morn the loss of the majestic sky viewing apparatus we find that our friendly undead creating, finger amputee, ring was actually the source of our greatest threat, soon to be unleashed.

I admit with my strength now largely spent and my wits reaching their end my bravery did falter and i took the ring unto myself and looked to release it out of the room by means of the glass dome that constructed the roof of this observatory. But alas my nature has become all too easy to read as i was dissuaded from this course of action by the mind and his quip about the hero’s of tales not taking such a cowardly recourse.

Still never one to let the hard truth get in the way of the tale i came to the conclusion that if i had to keep this cursed object and allow for the devil inside to emerge i would not make it easy, i would play the mind at his own crux and make this a story to remember, i took the shreds of courage left available to me and attempted to swallow the ring!

This did not come to pass however as the entity from within managed to escape before passing my lips.

The fight that ensued will go into my ever growing tales of the undead and the vicious natures of spirits no longer bound for this realm.

Though it is worth noting that through our fight snowflake was once again cast a curious glance as she started to attack our own party. I understand this now to be an act under duress of the spirit however i believe the spirit, weak as it was for the legendary undead, was only able to hold snowflakes consciousness under reign as i believe she may already be a twisted and devious soul. This makes sense to me that as one not entirely “pure” of heart the entity may have found an easy, if not somewhat willing, host.

The battle concluded and what was once left of this wonderful room came falling to pieces around us, I cannot help but think of the art, culture, story and majesty we have undone with our own acts since entering this keep. A careful hand may be needed in future to preserve such curiosities and wondrous artifacts.



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